Are You Interested in Australian Football? Go Ahead and Read On!

Are You Interested in Australian Football? Go Ahead and Read On!

  21 Nov 2019

Are you interested in understanding on how Australian football is played? If your answer to this question is yes, then you are reading the right article. This is one of the fastest growing games in the world today. In Australia, there are a number of clubs that are involved in the season long league. Each time will strive to attract the competent players so as to win as many games as possible. This is because of the fact that there is a reward at the end of the season. This game has borrowed so many rules and playing mechanisms from rugby and soccer. The field and the goal posts are just a replica of what you normally see on the playing grounds of both soccer and rugby. The field is also marked with a white paint to mark where the boundary of the playing field is. This restrains the players from playing the ball outside the marked area. The field is rectangular just like any other soccer of rugby field. The ball is just an oval leather object that is a replica of the rugby ball. The players in the field are supposed to contest for the same ball with the intention of passing it to the teammates and eventually passing it across the goal line between the two goal posts belonging to the opponents. The following are some of the aspects of this game that you need to understand;

  • How to start and restart the game
  • Playing time

How to start and restart the game

The rules demand that each team should be presented while wearing a unique uniform that clearly distinguishes them from the opponent. This is meant to inform the team mates on which position their team mates will be at a given time for the purposes of correctly passing the ball. To start the game, the umpire must ensure that each team has chosen the side of the two available sides at the ends of the rectangular fields. Since this is likely to cause conflicts, it is advisable that a coin should be thrown up to determine which side each team should occupy. The moment the AFL teams have occupied the sides, the players are also supposed to occupy their various positions in the field before the game is allowed to start. After the goal has been scored, the game should also be restarted from the center of the field.

Playing time

football player running

Australian football is played in four quarters. Each quarter should last for twenty minutes. There should be breaks between the quarters which are meant to allow the players to rest and receive the technical information regarding to their play style before they are allowed to meet their opponents. The intervals should not exceed five minutes. This makes the game competitive and the umpire should make sure that the game is fair by ensuring each player in the playing field observes the rules of the game. The laws are meant to protect the players and make them feel safe.