Best Excuses To Get Balloon Centerpieces

Best Excuses To Get Balloon Centerpieces

  20 Jun 2019

You might have seen some awesome, creative balloon centerpieces from Balloon Saloon online. They’re experiencing a bit of a surge in popularity in recent years, and for good reason! They’re affordable, easy, fun and make a big impact as a decoration. So what are some of the best excuses for you to get one! Read our list below.


Birthday parties

Is it even your birthday without fun party decorations? A balloon centerpiece will be the star of the show. Whether you’re having a sit down lunch, formal dinner or a big party spread this is the perfect way to dress up a party and make it something special. You can’t throw a party without decorations after all. Inflatable decorations are perfect for every age group.

Have them on the table and impress the kids for your child’s birthday party or glam it up with metallic or ombre decorations for an elegant adult party. Balloon centerpieces don’t have to be just for the littlies! They’re gaining a lot of popularity with event planners and you’ll see plenty of them on inspiration boards because they can be a really glamorous, affordable and fun way to dress up an event!


Wedding receptions

best day ever printed balloon

Try out an alternative to floral table pieces at your wedding and get a balloon centerpiece instead. For a fraction of the cost you could get a custom made and truly impressive table piece. You’re guests won’t have seen anything like it at any other wedding. You’d be amazed at what great twisters and artists can do with a bit of helium and latex, if you can imagine it they can make it. Having a tropical wedding? Why not get a centerpiece made that looks like a giant palm tree! If you want to mix it in with some botanicals you could get one shaped like a beautiful bouquet of flowers. You can get it in all kinds of colours to match your day and in all kinds of shapes and sizes.

If you’re trying not to blow the budget but still want to impress your guests than this is the perfect way to do it.


Parties and events

Got a big party happening or a special event or function? Balloon centerpieces are an excellent way to impress your attendees and give off an elegant vibe. If you’re function is a corporate one then you can even get the decorations to match your corporate colours and branding. This is an excellent option for coming off professionally. If you’re event is a large community function then nothing will impress local children quite as much as a show stopping balloon centerpiece. A really fun custom created decoration can be a fun photo opportunity and you will probably find that it features in a lot of the memories of the day.


Every other occasion you could image

Balloon centerpieces are a fun and memorable decoration. Whether it a dinner to celebrate a momentous occasion, a house party, a charity event or function, or a just a celebration you really have so many options when it comes to inflatable decorations.

If you want to go all out you can pair them with matching photo backdrops, decorations all around the event or inflatable helium gifts for the kids. It’s a great entertainment option and much easier to clean up then many of the alternatives out there.

So if you’re wondering what to do for your next big event, try out a balloon centerpiece! It will make your party the talk of the town! Check out prices online or reach out to local party supply vendors, as they’re ultra affordable!