Getting a Divorce? Only Hire the Best Sydney Divorce Lawyers

Getting a Divorce? Only Hire the Best Sydney Divorce Lawyers

  12 Apr 2019

If you want the best solicitor for your case, you need to be prepared to do your research and make some tough decisions. The current market for Sydney divorce lawyers is heavily saturated with a plethora of recent graduates and established solicitors, all of whom can bring their own unique talents to every case. It’s not just about hiring the best solicitor in the field, sometimes it’s about hiring the best barrister for your specific case. You need to be thinking about what your aims are and the specifics of your case. Do you want your divorce over and done with as quickly as possible or are you in position where you believe you should be contesting your financial settlement with heightened scrutiny? Either way, here are several things you must remember when hiring Sydney divorce lawyers.


Your friends and family may know someone

A divorce can be a very emotional and traumatic time in your life. Naturally, anything you can do to help reduce the stress and toil of the process should be considered. Make sure you speak to family members and close friends to see if they know any Sydney divorce lawyers. It could save you a lot of time and stress, so tapping into those networks is something you should consider. It doesn’t mean you have to hire that person but it’s at least another option.


Research is important

In times like these, research is your friend. Make sure you hop online and do a Google search on “best Sydney divorce lawyers”, just to get an idea of who the most popular and well-established firms in the business are. Closely examine client testimonials, specialities, listed years of experiences and any high-profile cases that a specific firm may have been directly involved in. Look at Google reviews for more authentic reviews and start compiling a shortened list of potential candidates.


Meet them first and be prepared

couple signing their divorce papers

It is essential that you meet your team of Sydney divorce lawyers in advance before making a concrete decision. Set up a time that suits you and make sure you are prepared. Have some key points jotted down that could have a bearing on your case. Things like a pre-nuptial agreement and previous financial information before the marriage are always important in determining the outcome. Make sure you remember which assets yours are and which are your partner’s.


Be aware of red flags

When sitting down with the best Sydney divorce lawyers, you need to be aware of a few red flags. A solicitor that appears disinterested in your case should be treated with some skepticism. Likewise, don’t get involved with a solicitor who is constantly on their phone or late to meetings. The last thing you need it someone arriving late to a scheduled court appearance, as this looks incredibly unprofessional and can damage the outcome of your case.


During the case

A divorce won’t occur overnight. Unfortunately, it’s a rather complicated process and can take many months, even years. Be prepared for a long slog and some disagreements. It is important, however, that you remember to put the interests of your children above everything else (if you have children). The court will always put the interests of the child or children before anything else, so as a parent or guardian, you should as well. Your team of divorce lawyers will likely advise that you and your partner share child custody arrangements as equally as possible. Evidence suggests that children who spend a more equal amount of time with both parents generally fare better in school environments, socializing with friends and expressing themselves with confidence.