How An Online Medical Certificate Could Save You

How An Online Medical Certificate Could Save You

  17 Feb 2019

Everyone gets sick at some stage. What’s worse is that there’s a good chance you’re going to come down with the flu at the worst possible time. Fever could strike right before a job interview or right before an important meeting with a big client. In both of these situations, you are going to need a medical certificate for work. However, the process of searching for doctors near me and getting a sick notice can be really difficult, particularly if your regular doctor is unavailable or you can’t leave the house. So, here are several great benefits of getting an online medical certificate for work when you desperately need one!



Setting up a video-call consultation with a GP is purely more convenient than hopping in the car or organizing transport to get to your local doctor’s practice. You don’t even have to leave your home. Simply organize a time when you’re sick and wait for a qualified GP to assess your symptoms. It’s really beneficial when you’re unable to leave the home!


No one else is available

Sometimes, there might just be no doctors in your area available for a consultation. In this scenario, it’s always good to have a back-up when you need a medical certificate for work. It could be the weekend or just really late at night –either way, convening with a doctor online could be your only option should you be in desperate need of assistance.


Isolated location

In addition, you might live or have a job in a very isolated location. It could be anywhere from rural Australia to a foreign country where the availability of doctors is limited. This could be very important, considering rural doctor services need a financial boost. In this sense, hopping online is a great way for you to get a medical certificate for work, without having to waste time driving or travelling long distances just to speak briefly with a doctor. This could be even more frustrating if your symptoms are obvious – you’d much rather just be in bed resting up!


Qualified and experienced

You might be thinking that an online application will compromise the quality of care and assistance provided to patients. Whilst a video-call appointment is limited in terms of physical assessments, the qualifications and experience of the professionals involved is not compromised. All general practitioners are registered and qualified in Australia, so if you’re in desperate need of a medical certificate for work or other assistance, you won’t have to compromise experience at the expense of convenience.


Private and secure

Just like the quality of care provided, some people might be a little worried about the privacy of their information. It is your private information and the thought of it being made public can be daunting and would naturally deter some people from using online platforms. Having said this, the advancements in authentication software and other data encryption methods mean it is easier to uphold the confidentiality of all consultations. So, you can rest assured that your medical certificate for work will not fall into a stranger’s hands.


No paper

In addition, an online system also has the added benefit of being “greener” and more environmentally friendly. This is because there is less need for documentation. In essence, all information, like a medical certificate for work, a referral for a specialist, a pathology report or a prescription re-fill can be communicated to the patient or important individuals through the application.

This is really helpful for those that are constantly losing documents, like receipts, tax invoices or prescriptions notices. With an online consultation, there is no need to worry about losing your stuff when it’s in the cloud.