How Anaplan Solutions Improves The Performance of Local SMEs

How Anaplan Solutions Improves The Performance of Local SMEs

  14 Apr 2019

Small to medium enterprises (SMEs) continue to try and find adaptable business tools that will give them an advantage in the marketplace.

After the most important resource in human capital, it is the array of modern digital programming that allows a local enterprise to transition from a small player to a flexible and aggressive operation that pounces on opportunities.

With the assistance of Anaplan solutions, companies can grab those opportunities with both hands.

Here we will take a closer examination of what this product can offer organisations at the small to medium end of the commercial scale, suitable for any owner based in a dense metropolitan area, suburban location or isolated in a rural community.


App Integration

In 2019 there is a strong need for local businesses to be able to integrate their processes with smartphone applications. Anaplan solutions empowers owners and employees to tap into the diverse range of apps that are on offer. Yet if those selections are not suitable for a local outlet to leverage, then they can be crafted and customized to suit the needs of the ownership and the consumer base at large. The app hub remains one of the outstanding modern features of the brand.


Calculating and Scaling in Real Time

When analysts, engineers, marketers, warehouse managers and executives need to make educated decisions on planning and processors, information should be as up to date as humanly possible. With the use of the Anaplan solutions program, specialists in these fields are able to gauge models that are scaled and calculated in real time. This is intelligence reporting at its absolute finest with a state of the art framework that updates cells continuously, so individuals can understand the status of items and the development of trends as they occur.


User-Friendly Programming

With technology not being the scary buzzword it was around SMEs only 5 to 10 years ago, a program like Anaplan solutions is widely considered to be one of the most user-friendly digital initiatives in the marketplace. Thanks to the simplified drag-and-drop features that makes manual changes a standard task, to the artificial intelligence quietly working behind the scenes to make the more intricate alterations seamless, there is very little for the general owner or employee to be concerned about. Education can be fast tracked and IT support is minimal.


Team Building and Networking Through Open Access Portals

By catering to multiple departments simultaneously, Anaplan solutions allows for collaborative planning across the board. SMEs won’t have the same density of data or need for communication between a vast number of employees like a global conglomerate would, but there is still a need to have processes and practices that are equal from one arm of the business to the next. Thanks to a multi-dimensional planning apparatus, all stakeholders can participate and engage on the same level.


Cloud-Based Storage

Up until cloud technology was introduced, storage was a major issue for businesses. The capacity to hold and maintain datasets and vast amounts of information was a continual struggle, especially when budgetary concerns and technology limitations collided as an issue. Anaplan solutions negates those fears as the in-memory data management is enabled to scale and update automatically. Due to the fact that this cloud-based feature was a beginning point of the creation of the product, the security apparatus that protects the data is a market leader.



SMEs have to think smart in 2019 and Anaplan solutions is a tool that enables that philosophy to be achieved. Given the glowing customer feedback and the enhancements and applications that are provided, it makes sense for a modest business to become ambitious and seek out opportunities with these intelligent initiatives that are available today.