How to Employ a Video Content Marketing Strategy that Works

How to Employ a Video Content Marketing Strategy that Works

  11 Nov 2018

Too often do businesses fail to produce successful content on YouTube. They hope to gain a plethora of views and followers, but their videos don’t even manage to reach 1000 hits.

But why is this, and what can businesses do to up their game on YouTube?

Given that YouTube is the second most popular social networking site worldwide, it makes sense that you should use it to your advantage. YouTube offers an excellent way for you to engage and build an audience for your brand, while also improving your way to be the best SEO company.



Here are 6 tips on how to create a winning video content marketing strategy:

1.      Post quality videos often

Consistency is important in any relationship, including the relationship between you and your audience. If you don’t post content often, your followers may forget about you, lose interest or even unsubscribe. Establishing a strong bond with your audience is essential to keep them interested in your brand. It is recommended that you try to post content at least once a week – if you can, aim to post more often, around 2-7 times a week. However, ensure that you maintain a standard of high-quality in your content – people can tell when you’re being lazy.


2.      Offer a range of content

Having a solid range of videos for your audience to peruse through offers them an incentive to keep coming back to your channel. Not only does this mean you should have a large number of videos, but that you should offer diversity in the types of videos presented. Here are some video ideas you could use. It is also important to use your viewer’s feedback for advice on what content is most wanted or appreciated.


3.      Engage with your audience

People are more likely to interact with YouTube content than they are other forms of content, including blog posts. Harness this by engaging and forming a bond with your viewers. Respond to their comments where possible, ask them for feedback, questions and video requests in your video or description, and create new content based on their requests. This will make them feel like they have a relationship with you and make them more likely to continue watching your videos.


4.      Integrate platforms

The best video marketing strategies integrate their platforms. In your YouTube video’s description, for instance, you should provide a link to your blog or website. Similarly, embedding your videos on your website or blog works seamlessly to direct your audience to your YouTube content.


5.      Create quality videos

Unless you’re specifically going for the amateur, DIY look, try to make sure the quality of your videos are top-notch. If you’re filming live, use a high-quality camera and a tripod to prevent shaky footage. Ensure you have a good microphone – poor sound quality is a turn-off for your audience. Speak clearly and with confidence to engage your viewers. Depending on the type of videos you want to create (for example, animated films), you may want to hire an animator or filmmaker to produce the best work.


6.      Use YouTube advertising


Advertising doesn’t have to be a dirty word. YouTube’s TrueView ads offer up to 10 times the click-through-rate of Google’s AdWords. It is an advanced form of advertising that uses a variety of means to directly target your desired audience. Ads can also greatly improve rates of organic traffic to your website or YouTube channel.



Video content marketing is one of the latest and most effective ways to improve your marketing and SEO strategy. These tips will help your business to thrive.