How To Get The Best Wedding Photographer in Hunter Valley

How To Get The Best Wedding Photographer in Hunter Valley

  10 May 2019

Known as one of Australia’s greatest wine regions, the Hunter Valley is also one of the nation’s most popular places to elope. If you’re planning your marriage ceremony and want it to be in the heartland of Australian wine country, you obviously want the best wedding photographer in Hunter Valley that you can afford. Whoever is taking pictures for the day needs to be a reliable professional who can meet your expectations and adapt to your preferences. At the end of the day, it is your marriage ceremony, which should be one of your most treasured memories in your entire life. So, here are some tips to remember when planning your marriage ceremony.


Don’t rush the decision

First and foremost, you should not rush any decision related to your nuptials. Give yourself plenty of time to plan and prepare so you’re not madly stressing as the date approaches. Granted, this is sometimes inevitable, given that things can change last minute, throwing the plans into chaos. However, when it comes to picking a wedding photographer in Hunter Valley, you have plenty of time to assess your various options and make a sound decision that you are comfortable with.


Experience is important but not paramount

Someone with years of experience in the business should be near the top of your list. However, it should never be the determining factor. Indeed, there are plenty of professionals across a wide array of industries who continue to make mistakes. Sometimes, experience can breed arrogance and inflexibility, particularly if you want them to slightly change their style. While experience is important, sometimes it’s best to scrutinize it carefully.


Look at previous albums

Generally, you’ll get a better idea of the professional’s skills and ability behind a lens by looking at their previous work. A wedding photographer in Hunter Valley will have various albums of previous work posted on their website or available for physical viewing. Make sure that you check out these albums as this will allow you to not only assess their overall quality but formulate an idea as to their style and whether it will work with your dream ceremony.


Ask married friends and family

It’s in your best interest to ask recently married friends and other family members as to who they chose as their cameraman for their marriage ceremony and the reception. They might be able to recommend a wedding photographer in Hunter Valley who did a really good job at their event or function. Sometimes, you can get lucky and you might discover a business or individual who is able to fill the role for a discounted fee. Never underestimate how a family connection could score you a discount or added benefits, free of charge!


Meet them in person

You should never hire someone over the phone, including a wedding photographer in Hunter Valley. Like any professional, you need to organize a sit-down meeting to clarify any concerns or questions you may have about how the event will unfold. At the same time, it’s also a great way of cementing that both you and your wedding photographer in Hunter Valley are both on the same page in terms of location and time. The last thing you need is your snapper rocking up late to the event and unprepared.


Red flags

When meeting with your prospective wedding photographer in Hunter Valley, make sure you are aware of any concerning red flags that might indicate that it’s time to look elsewhere. If they are impolite and unprofessional in any way (like late to a meeting), then consider looking elsewhere. More importantly, if they have a set style that they refuse on compromising for, there is no point wasting time.