Tips on Designing the Best Engagement Party Invitations

Tips on Designing the Best Engagement Party Invitations

  26 Nov 2018

Like wedding cards, your engagement party invitations should say a lot about the event you are about to host. While it is not as a formal as a wedding, your commitment ceremony requires a lot of planning to ensure that it goes off without any issues. If you want the event to be proper, you’ll need to organize catering and a venue at the very least, as this will be central in having an enjoyable and unforgettable night. However, before all this happens, you need to plan you engagement party invitations, which are going to be central in building excitement for the big day ahead! Here are some key tips to follow when designing your commitment ceremony cards.



Remember, you haven’t started planning the wedding and, therefore, there is no reason to get carried away yet. The card shouldn’t be over the top; its sole purpose is to share the great news with your close friends and family, along with key information like the venue, time and date. Keep it short, concise and to the point. Less is more.


Spell check

Before you start madly mailing all your engagement party invitations, remember to give it a quick proof read. The last thing you need is for your letter to be full of spelling and grammar mistakes, or even worse, incorrect information. Imagine if all your friends rocked up to the wrong function centre or restaurant. Now that would be embarrassing.

It can be hard to pick up on little spelling errors or poor word choice, especially if you have read through the letter hundreds of times. As an alternative, ask a mate to read through the letter and give their opinion on it. They might pick up on a few things you may have missed.


Start nice and early

Like your wedding, preparations for your commitment event should start reasonably early too. You obviously don’t need to set aside the same amount of time that goes into planning a wedding, however, consider sparing a few hours here and there to organize a function centre, your guest list, alcohol and catering. Starting your engagement party invitations early will kick start your planning process into gear and help you get organised for a larger gathering further down the track!

Think about it: it forces you to confront that horrible task of finding out everyone’s address when sending out your engagement party invitations. Get that done nice and early so you don’t have to worry about it later on!



Casual tone

You don’t want your letter to sound overly formal and boring. It should be casual. Have a simple opening line that informs the reader of your big news, perhaps mentions a joke or funny anecdote. Then get straight into the more important things: date, time and, most importantly, an RSVP cut-off.


Keep a few aside

Whilst your friends will make time for your event, there is a chance that some may not be able to attend. If this happens, it’s always good to have a few spare engagement party invitations in case you need to invite more guests to fill in the empty spaces. Likewise, a few may get lost in the mail on route to their destination so having a few spare can also help out in that regard.

Likewise, you might suddenly realize that you forgot to include someone close to you in your engagement party invitations. Easy fix – make sure you invite them to the wedding!



So, keep these tips in mind when you’re planning your engagement party invitations; they’ll reduce the stress of preparation and ensure that you have a great time!