Understanding Busylights

Understanding Busylights

  18 Mar 2019

Modern businesses need modern solutions to the problems that exist in the workspace. A common limitation that plagues a lot of businesses nowadays is the loss of productivity. Whether it be from sickness or distractions, losing your workplace’s level of productivity can seriously impact your bottom line. While we don’t have the wonder drug that cures all illnesses we do have the next best thing available.

Busylights are the revolutionary device that is able to transform the productivity of the modern workplace. These little devices may be simple to use but they have big results. Below we are going to explore everything you need to know to understand what a busylight is.


What are they?

Busylights are a small device that plug into your computer to tell your coworkers if you are available to talk. The general premise behind them is to eliminate any unnecessary lapses in your concentration while at work. Picture the scenario that someone needs to talk with another coworker but they are on the phone with a client. Instead of walking up to their desk to see that they are busy and returning, the busylight would simply tell them from afar that they are busy.

Those little breaks in your concentration can be detrimental as they could take you up to 40 minutes to get back into it. These devices hope to put an end to that and maintain the strong level of productivity that your workplaces knows.


How they work

While the idea behind them is simply executed they are also really easy to use and set up. All you have to do is download the appropriate software and plug in the device to your computer. From there it will be able to automatically sync with the online meeting applications as well as your contacts.

These devices have the capability to integrate with all of the leading platforms including but not limited to Skype and Microsoft teams. From such it is able to give off a light colour depending upon what your current status is on these platforms. If you are available the light will be green and if you are on a call it will display red. You can also set it to be back soon by an amber colour.

Additionally these devices can also be connected to your mobile devices so that you can also use them on the go when you are away from your desk and your co-workers need to know if you can still chat.


The benefits of busylights

If you haven’t put it together already, companies use busylights because they help improve the overall productivity of your office. People no longer have to waste time and break their concentration when they are trying to speak with someone else in the office. On top of that, they also have other features that can be enabled to benefit your office even more.

One example is that they have the capability to be able to play a little jingle when you are getting a call on one of your connected devices. This can be really handy for distinguishing who is getting a call in a busy office. Generally the Skype call tone is the same for everyone and get hard to know which person is getting a call. This way people can customise their tone so you always know who is getting a call.

Another great benefit of busylights is that your clients or other businesses that see your office and focus for productivity will appreciate the investment. Staying on top of your work with busylights shows your clients that you will do everything in your power to ensure that your work is done.