What Makes the Best Paella in Sydney So Good?

What Makes the Best Paella in Sydney So Good?

  22 Feb 2019

We’ve found what is arguably the best paella in Sydney – we encourage you to try it at your next social event or work party!

This is a Spanish dish (Valencian, specifically) with a humble key ingredient – rice. There are many different kinds; some with seafood, others with vegetables and some which are mixed. The original dish is believed to consist of white rice, beans, meat (sometimes snails!) and herbs such as rosemary and saffron.

If you haven’t tried the dish yet, it’s worth doing. It has a beautiful charred, fragrant taste and is colourful and pleasing to the eye. But what makes the best paella in Sydney so great? Here are our top reasons:


They’re fully loaded

The best paella in Sydney has a higher protein-to-rice ratio than a traditional Spanish dish. This means there is more meat (like chorizo and chicken) and seafood than there usually would be (Australians are known for their love of good protein!). Yum!


They use only Australian seafood

The best paella in Sydney uses only top-quality, Aussie seafood. Things like Tasmanian salmon, Kinkawooka mussels and Clarence River calamari are used to ensure freshness and a great taste. Aussie-grown seafood may also be lower in pollutants than seafood from other countries.


The prawns are already peeled

Having to peel each prawn in your dish by hand can be time consuming, finicky and downright unpleasant. The makers behind the best paella in Sydney ensure that each prawn is pre-peeled before it reaches your table. This arguably makes the dining experience easier and more fun!


They’re not all spicy

Some people aren’t a fan of spicy, which is totally okay. The best paella in Sydney offers customers a mild chorizo and skips the chilli to keep their dishes less hot and more pleasant to eat. However, you can enjoy your dish spicy if you so desire – they also offer spicy chorizo and plenty of chilli if you’re interested.


Catering is convenient

The team behind the best paella in Sydney is highly experienced in catering and they work in a full commercial kitchen in order to prepare your food in advance. They also offer alcohol, entertainment and event hire! Many other places prepare your food at your venue, which can be a hassle when you’re trying to get ready and organised. This team will show up to your venue an hour beforehand to avoid this inconvenience and cook your food fresh on site (having chopped all the meat and veggies in their kitchen already!).


It’s fun and attractive


There’s nothing like having your food prepared right in front of you in giant pans! The best paella in Sydney is colorful, playful and fun to look at – and it looks amazing in photos! This is due to a combination of fresh, wholesome ingredients and culinary expertise. Your guests will be able to watch in wonder as the chefs create works of art – and then they’ll get to eat. This is a great catering experience for any event, whether it’s a wedding or an office party.


They offer $10 tastings

If you’re not sure about the dish, you can try out a two-person serving for just $10! And if you find you like it after all and go on to make a booking, they’ll deduct the tasting from your final bill – nice.



The best paella in Sydney is a delicious, wholesome and fun treat enjoyed across the globe. Try it out at your next corporate or social event for an unforgettable meal that is sure to impress!