What To Expect When Receiving Braces in Hawkesbury

What To Expect When Receiving Braces in Hawkesbury

  09 Feb 2019

In the age of straightening systems such as Invisalign, some people may not realize that there is still a chance that they will need to receive braces. The idea of this can be scary for many people, especially when they are teenagers. People tend to worry about how they look as well as how they may sound e.g. they may have a lisp.

In addition to all of this, people are usually worried about the involved pain. Moving teeth sounds like something that would cause a lot of pain and many people will put off visiting their dentist as they don’t want to be recommended this kind of treatment. The good news is that as time has gone on, these kinds of systems have gotten better and so people don’t have to fear the worst.

For instance, there are many invisible options that are now available which means that teenagers won’t look so conspicuous at school. Furthermore, the systems are now smaller so people don’t have to have as much metal in their mouth. As it can be seen, there is a lot to know about this kind of treatment and so this article will look at what to expect when receiving braces in Hawkesbury.



When people receive braces in Hawkesbury, they may expect to feel a little bit of pain at first

As this kind of system is designed to help move teeth into an ideal place, there is a little bit of pain involved. After a while this mild pain usually goes away as people get used to the system. Most people complain of the discomfort in the beginning as it simply feels strange to have a foreign object in their mouth.

People can also become worried as they may feel like their teeth are becoming a little bit loose. This is also normal as they are slowly moving into the right place and will need to become a bit loose in order for this to occur. On the other hand, they shouldn’t be so loose that people can feel them moving a lot when brushing.

If people are ever unsure of what is happening after they have received braces in Hawkesbury, it is also a wise move to simply book a follow up appointment with their dentist. Sometimes just hearing that everything is going smoothly is all people need to hear in order to have peace of mind.


People may feel that they need to change what they eat after receiving braces in Hawkesbury

While many people don’t have any trouble with their food after receiving braces in Hawkesbury, there are some who feel that they can’t eat the same foods as before. This may be because they can’t chew them as well or because they may become stuck in the system. Having said this, many people simply carry dental floss or a toothbrush around with them so that they can ensure that there is nothing left behind after they eat.

As this can be the case, people may end up preferring to eat softer foods such as steamed vegetables rather than raw vegetables. Many are more than happy with this sacrifice as they know that they will be getting a fantastic result in the long run. It is important to visualize this throughout the time that someone is wearing the system as they may have moments where they feel like they don’t know why they are doing it.

In conclusion, braces in Hawkesbury may take a little while to get used to, but most people don’t have a problem at all in the long run.