Why You Need a Sex Offences Lawyers in Melbourne

Why You Need a Sex Offences Lawyers in Melbourne

  15 Jan 2019

It’s an extremely sensitive subject. The fact you’re searching for sex offences lawyers in Melbourne is testament to the fact that you have either suffered terribly or have been accused of something grave and need serious assistance. Rightly or wrongly, proving or disproving an accusation of sexual misconduct can be extremely difficult, tensions are very high and quite understandably emotions are to the fore.

In many many, cases there is no reliable physical evidence that proves either situation 100%, because of this often times the cases can descend into a battle of opinions and subjectivity. It’s a tougher job than usual for judges and jurors alike and they must try to be as objective as possible. Because of this it is vitally important to have good sex offences lawyers in Melbourne, your representation can be the defining factor in whether justice is served or not, due to the specific difficulty surrounding these types of cases. A good legal team will give you the best advice and help you with your all-important external image, often decisive in these cases.


Experience on both sides

If you’re looking for sex offences lawyers in Melbourne, don’t be put off by the fact that a firm has experience working with both complainants and defendants. In fact, this is far from a weakness and should not be shunned, it can provide a serious boost for your campaign. Knowing and understanding the other side of the courtroom means your solicitors and barristers can best prepare your arguments and provide a compelling case that will ideally see you achieve a successful and satisfactory outcome.

In this situation more than ever ‘know thine enemy’ is so relevant and it’s important to keep your enemies close as the saying goes.

An important note here is that being directly involved in the accusations it is not reasonable for you to do this, that’s why it’s so important to have your sex offences lawyers in Melbourne look after this aspect.


Start Early

Whether you’ve taken the courageous decision to make a complaint and denounce someone, or you have received notice that you have been accused of a crime, finding good sex offences lawyers in Melbourne immediately is imperative.

In either predicament you are undoubtedly going to experience a whole host of emotions and will surely feel at a loss at some point, however it’s crucial to try and brave the storm and find representation immediately so your case can be assessed, and the legal team can do the heavy lifting.

They will know the law inside out and can give you a realistic appraisal of what to expect and what ‘success’ may look like. For example, there have been recent changes to what is understood to be ‘consent’, this gives more power to complainants and places a greater onus of proof on the defendants. Accurately understanding these intricacies can be the game-changer and again proves the necessity for superb sex offences lawyers in Melbourne.


Understanding the process

As mentioned, whichever side of the law you are on it is likely that you will be overwhelmed with the situation, there are so many considerations it can be hard to keep track of everything when your life has suffered this big change. While you focus on your personal affairs, the sex offences lawyers in Melbourne can turn their attention to the law and begin the process of methodically examining it. Whether the crime is at the higher or lower end of the range, it’s important to treat each count individually – rape, incest, indecent assault, child molestation, harassment, public lewdness – each case is different so be prepared.