6 Reasons a Customs Brokerage Service is Essential

6 Reasons a Customs Brokerage Service is Essential

  08 Apr 2022

Companies that are in the business of importing and exporting stock appreciate that operational demands are extensive in the current landscape.

From rising costs to changes in legislation, the disruption of new supply chain networks and beyond, it pays to have an outsourced representative who handles all of the intricate details behind the scenes.

This is where a customs brokerage team is brought into the picture, a strategic move that facilitates better commercial habits across departments.  

This is a chance to assess 6 key reasons why a customs brokerage is essential for enterprises. 

1) Maximising Revenue & Managing Accounts 

How can an enterprise remain financially viable when they are paying courier and transport fees on top of import costs, GST and other components that are thrown into the mix? Thankfully customs brokerage representatives know just how to manipulate and plan these affairs. With their accounting platforms and financial data analytics, they can calculate fees and costs before forecasting for better conditions following a change in strategy. In this context, they help brands to maximise their revenue, reduce monetary waste and empower outlets to stay on top of their budgetary demands. 

2) Flexible Service Engagement 

The good news for organisations that are looking to tap into a customs brokerage operator is that they can adapt their programming and protocols to meet the specific needs of the client. From the changing of distribution networks to the inclusion or removal of program features, partners in this domain are able to sit down with the business and reflect on the department assistance measures that work and what can be drawn back. That type of flexibility makes life easier for the client as they make judgements according to internal and external events. 

3) Contingency Planning & Time Efficiency 

A customs expert in this field is often recommended and advised by industry peers in relation to having contingencies in place. When COVID-19 struck and when overseas conflicts emerged, they can disrupt the supply chain and dealings with various stakeholders. Using these practitioners helps to ensure that shipments remain on schedule and that there are alternative measures put in place for unexpected events. The same principle applies to time efficiency protocols as shipment scheduling is optimised for every engagement. 

4) Improving Stock Security 

The risks that are in play for supply chain outlets cannot be underestimated when it comes to the security of valuables. Brands recognise that anything damaged, lost or compromised will reflect on their community standing. The choice to hire customs brokerage specialists safeguards that demand, utilising cutting-edge technology for real time tracking and the highest standard of shipment provisions across land, sea and air. 

5) Adhering to Industry Compliance & Regulation 

It is not just the physical security of items that has to be protected at all costs when examining the advantages of a customs brokerage service. It will be the threat of penalties, fines and legislation that is in play for brands that fail to adhere to strict provisions. These impositions can be crippling for organisations that have a reputation to protect as well as a collection of valuables that have to be sent diligently to another trading party.  

6) Bypassing Internal Department Upgrade Complications 

In the absence of a customs brokerage service, supply chain constituents have to handle all of these tasks by themselves. That is an incredibly challenging framework for outlets that might not have the expertise or resources to cover all of their bases for the import and export of stock. Should anything go wrong on an operational standpoint, there is no one to lean on for guidance or assistance, and this is before there is any consideration for the time and cost regarding an internal business upgrade with customs services.