Factors To Consider When Choosing Newcastle Storage Units

Factors To Consider When Choosing Newcastle Storage Units

  15 May 2022

Are you thinking of renting Newcastle storage units? It’s sometimes hard to choose which unit size best fits your need, especially if you have never used one before. We will suggest some factors you can put into consideration.

Newcastle storage units come in a wide range of sizes. Getting the right size of the unit is very important. There’s a solution for every size of materials you what to store; you just have to find it. Extra units, more cost and reduced access to stored items are prevented when you rent the perfect unit for your needs.

Before we talk about these factors you should consider, here is an overview of the four main types of storage facilities.

Newcastle storage types

  • Warehouses: These facilities are buildings divided into hundreds of individual rooms of different sizes. These particular units are fixed and more comprehensive.
  • Container storage: These facilities are metal shipping containers that can be divided into smaller units. They are parked at a secured location and can be moved if you need to change their location. They are less costly than warehouse facilities.
  • Lock-up garages: They are garages built to store things. These are smaller in size when compared to warehouse facilities, but they are very accessible.
  • Removal depositories: These facilities are sizeable containers that are used between moves. They serve as a transport medium as well as a space for your things.

Factors to consider

Woman carrying a huge box
  1. Duration.

It is crucial to consider how long you will be storing your item before choosing Newcastle storage units. If you seek a place for the short term, go for facilities that won’t require so many procedures to get. 

Seek places that offer you a flexible contract so that you can cancel if your plans change.

  1. Facility size.

A suitable Newcastle storage facility should be appropriate for your needs. You need to know the size and shape of any facility you choose. Don’t go for large units if you are storing a few things. You will be spending more on space that you won’t use.

Also, ensure you check for the dimension of the space. You do not want to rent a space that can’t get things through the door. Most companies offering these units have their sizes and dimensions online. Be sure to check out their website.

  1. Security.

To ensure that your stored items are safe, go for facilities that offer full-time security. Storing items of high value would require high security. Put that into consideration when choosing Newcastle storage.

  1. Accessibility.

Not all facilities offer a 24-hour accessible unit so if you need your items at any time of the day, be sure that this feature is available. Most companies tell their clients whether they can access their items anytime. If it hasn’t been brought up yet, ask and clarify.

Renting Newcastle storage units comes with different features, packages, and booking contracts. Be sure to do your research before choosing. We hope these factors help you choose the right one. See you next time.