Improving Your Business Through MYOB Advanced

Improving Your Business Through MYOB Advanced

  30 May 2022

In the case of big and developing organizations, MYOB Advanced provides a cloud-based platform that includes resource planning, inventory management, and more. Here are the most important facts.

More sophisticated management tools are required as an organization expands. An increase in the number of employees, income, and suppliers to pay may cause hassles for company owners and managers who don’t have the proper structures and techniques in place to deal with these issues.

When it comes to firms with more than 20 full-time workers, MYOB Advanced is the obvious choice. But if your company is bigger or more sophisticated, you should look into MYOB Advanced. Understanding what MYOB Advanced has to offer might save you a lot of time and money in the long run if your company is expanding.

Payroll Management

A comprehensive cloud-based payroll solution for the larger organization, MYOB Advanced assists you in maintaining and expanding your business operations. Take advantage of the advantages of a single system that exchanges information to assist you in running your company.

Payroll, superannuation, leave entitlements, and other administrative tasks. A comprehensive integration which exists on the MYOB Advanced. Businesses will benefit from a single “Advanced” solution that provides real-time advantages that will revolutionize their operations – such as increased reporting, complete GL integration, transaction records, and audit tracking, among other things.

Distribution Management

With MYOB Advanced distribution management feature, you can streamline procedures and decrease mistakes in areas like buying, order processing, stock control and customer service.

MYOB Distribution ERP software allows you to track inventory, handle sales orders, enhance buying, complete orders, and give customer assistance at any time and from any location with ease. In order to provide insight throughout the whole organization, MYOB Distribution is completely connected with MYOB CRM, Manufacturing, Financials, and Project Management modules.

Financial Management

Small businesses may benefit from the MYOB Advanced financial management suite’s strong financial apps, which are easy enough for small businesses to use yet comprehensive enough for large multinationals to use.

All of these benefits of financial management are available with this feature:

  1. Create a centralized repository with analysis and real-time reporting capabilities that is completely integrated.
  2. Automate operations and monitor receivables with comprehensive information available at any time, from any location, to optimize customer accounts and increase collections.
  3. Determine how much cash is needed to cover outstanding debts as well as the terms of any reductions that may be offered.
  4. Reconcile your bank accounts and monitor your day-to-day cash movements.
  5. Support overseas subsidiaries, suppliers, and customers with extensive currency management tools.
  6. By using a web browser or a mobile device, you may access reports, examine cases, allow workers to submit time and expenses, approve orders, and assign assignments.

CRM & Customer Portal

Customers, leads, contacts, prospects, and accounts may all be managed online using MYOB Advanced customer management suite’s web-based CRM apps.

Customers’ information must be accurate throughout the sales and marketing process, as well as post-sales assistance and fulfillment. Using the MYOB Advanced ERP System, you’ll be able to see all of your customers’ information in one place. Every member of the team has accessibility to every invoice, written quotations, and support issues, giving them a complete overview of all client information.

To assist your employees manage quota, predictions, and performance, real-time sales data is provided by the existence of reports and dashboard. It’s also possible to contact and work with customers via the B2B Customer Portal, which is integrated.

If your company is expanding and your systems and procedures are becoming more sophisticated, you should look into MYOB Advanced. No matter what sector you’re in, MYOB provides all the essential features and functionalities you and your business require to get things back on track and have your people working to their full capacity.