What is Kwikstage Scaffolding?

What is Kwikstage Scaffolding?

  06 Jul 2021

When you start to think about what all goes into constructing a building, you begin to think about all the scaffolding that is required to build something taller than a couple of meters. Scaffolding takes time to put together and takedown, so being able to move through the process quickly and efficiently is key to finishing the construction project on time.

Safety of the scaffolding is also a major concern for a construction company, so you want to find scaffolding that is not only quick and painless to put up and take down, but also one that will stay standing straight up when it is in use. Weather conditions are also a factor, wind can very easily knock over scaffolding and create an unsafe environment for the workers and people passing by.

A simple solution to scaffolding is using Kwikstage scaffolding. Kwikstage scaffolding was designed to be quick to put up and take down, while also being very sturdy and not having much if any, wiggle room at all. This gives Kwikstage scaffolding a lead in the scaffolding business, as it meets all of the safety requirements and it is super easy to work with.

When is Scaffolding Used?

Scaffolding is used whenever you are constructing something that is larger than you can reach. If you can reach the top of what you are building safely, then you probably don’t need scaffolding. But if you are building something taller, such as a building, then using Kwikstage scaffolding to reach those high places is required.

Almost every aspect of a construction crew uses scaffolding. The electricians use it to move wires around in the ceilings, painters use it to reach high places, and bricklayers use it to lay bricks outside. There is almost no part of the construction process that doesn’t use scaffolding in some way or another.

If you are a contractor for a construction company, then being able to supply your own scaffolding could be a selling point to construction clients in the future. It’s also good for your own personal clients that you have to run repairs for them. They will appreciate you bringing in all of your own equipment and you will be able to land more jobs if you brought your own scaffolding to a job. Of course, if your job can be done with only a ladder that is a plus, but being able to supply your own tools is a great perk to have.

Learning how to set up Kwikstage scaffolding and take it down is a good skill to have. Learning about how to put up and take down the scaffolding can be found in the Kwikstage instruction manual that you should have received with the scaffolding. However, if you lost it, then you can very easily find the instructions online through a quick search.

As you can see, there are many reasons why you would want to use Kwikstage scaffolding. It is the leading way to use scaffolding when you are constructing a building and has many purposes, on top of meeting every single safety regulation. Using Kwikstage scaffolding for your next construction project will make the whole process easier and can save you money in the long run. Kwikstage is a relatively expensive investment, but due to its durability, you’re going to get a lot of uses out of it. Putting up and taking down Kwikstage scaffolding is incredibly easy and once you get the hang of it, you will be able to finish constructing your scaffolding in minutes and get the job that you want done faster.