What To Expect With Paella Catering In Sydney

What To Expect With Paella Catering In Sydney

  23 Jul 2021

The classic and cultivated dish that has stolen the hearts around the world. Paella Catering in Sydney is your best go-to treat to bring all your foodie dreams to life. Whether for a party or a family gathering, we have something for everyone. A lot goes on into the process and in this piece, we will be festering up a meal and taking a part the ingredients that show you how we serve our clients. In this article, we will be looking at the whole series of steps of paella catering in Sydney from our kitchens and to your front door.

Here’s what you should know about paella catering in Sydney

Harbouring the right ingredients

Paella catering in Sydney starts with a collation of just the right flavours and spices to give your special dinners the perfect pop! We gather Calasparra rice, Spanish saffron, meat, seafood, and vegetables together to make something extraordinary. The meats typically used are chicken, chorizo sausage and seafood used are typically prawn and oysters. The vegetables that are normally added to the dish include beans, artichoke, and capsicum, and peas for garnishing. Tomatoes and pimentos are used for extra flavour. All these ingredients are local and completely fresh, giving you the best of the best building blocks that make this classic recipe as shown through our paella catering in Sydney.

Festering up a feast

A serving of paella

Now, onto the cooking! Our team is full of cooking professionals who are well deep into the craft and culture that entails with paella catering in Sydney. We start by sauteing up the aromatics – garlic, onion, and capsicum. Add in the protein and rice and you have got yourself a good meal. When combined, you have something that is ready for eating. The time and effort put into the preparation for the meal are what makes paella catering in Sydney a unique and all-round caring process. In one pan, you are packed with an abundance of flavours with a party in your mouth. Everything is brought in with our pans and serving utensils. We cook it right in front of you, giving you a theatrical element to your party.

Fine dining

Now the cooking is over, it is time to feast! Right away, you’ll have your dish served all in its magical colours and flavours. Taste as the spices just melts in your mouth. You will eat like the king or queen you are with our incredible paella catering in Sydney. From weddings, corporate events, to private functions, we have the perfect dish to add some spice to your event. Unlike other businesses, we place the fish with the head of the prawn taken out to ease the eating experience. No mess, no fuss. This paella catering in Sydney provides all the cooking and cutlery equipment used and take away all the unwanted waste left over. For those who have allergies, this dish is perfect for those who are dairy free, egg free, gluten-free, nut-free, and so much more.

Paella catering in Sydney is your one-stop destination for all your eating event needs. There is long, labourious, and loving process that comes with the collating, making, and serving of the meal. This dish is jampacked with a lot of nutritious and varying ingredients that adds flavour straight to your mouth. The dish is cooked right at the event, entertaining your guests as they await the amazingness that comes with paella catering in Sydney. You won’t have to worry about an excess garbage to fill up your bins post-event, as the team will take all the unwanted rubbish it all away.