Natural Versus Artificial Turf In Sydney

Natural Versus Artificial Turf In Sydney

  19 Feb 2021

Many people wonder whether natural or artificial turf in Sydney is the best choice for outdoor areas. It’s a common debate amongst homeowners; is it better to go for the real thing or do the benefits of artificial turf in Sydney outweigh the feel of natural lawn?

Artificial turf in Sydney has come a long way over the years. No longer is the bright green astro turf that you remember from your childhood. Nowadays faux grass is an excellent alternative to the real thing but it’s not right for everyone. So, what are the main differences between the two and how should you make your decision?

What is artificial turf in Sydney made from?

Artificial turf in Sydney is made from synthetic fibres made from natural grass. They often look very natural and are designed to last many years. Many people struggle to even tell the difference between faux grass and the real thing nowadays.

A common material used in these synthetic grasses is polyethylene and polypropylene materials which are highly durable and soft. Yarns may also be used and insulative materials underneath. There are a number of benefits to synthetic fibres, primarily that they do not grow and will not need to be mowed or raked. Nor do they require fertilisation and regular watering, instead they simply need to be hosed down occasionally to keep them clean.

Another great benefit to choosing synthetic fibres is that you will not need to keep insects or pests away with insecticides making them much easier to care for. The lack of real soil also makes it easy to avoid tracking in dirt or mud from your lawn when you are making your way indoors after spending time on the grass.

How does it compare when it comes to look and feel?

Whilst some people may prefer the feel of artificial turf in Sydney, other simply don’t like the feel of fake grass and prefer the real thing. There are many synthetic options available that feel soft to the touch and underfoot so it is possible to find one that feels very close to the real thing but ultimately, it’s up to your preference. It’s also worth keeping in in mind that synthetic fibres tend to get warmer than natural grass and, in the summer, could be too hot under the feet of children or pets. If you’re looking for synthetic grass that feels realistic then you’ll want to opt for premium products rather than cheaper imported products from poor-quality manufacturers.

How do the costs compare?

Many people worry that synthetic lawn will be more expensive than real grass but it’s often quite the opposite. Real grass usually runs at around $25 or more per square metre to supply and install. The cost depends on the type that you choose, some grass species command a higher price tag than others. You’ll also need to consider the cost of reticulating and watering you grass – over the course of its life this can add up to quite a lot. Another cost to consider is the cost of top soil, which may need to be refreshed or replaced every so often. On the other hand, synthetic lawn can range from around $25 per square metre to supply and install to $50 or more. You may also need to allow for the cost of preparing the ground for installation as you may need to level it or remove sand.

Synthetic grass will cost you far less over the course of its life, it does not require the same level of maintenance or care.