How To Get Away With A Minimal Bikini

How To Get Away With A Minimal Bikini

  20 Oct 2020

If you live by the rule that less is more than you’ll love a minimal bikini. Many people are now shirking full coverage on the beaches and opting for micro or thong styles on the beach. This style isn’t for the faint of heart, you’ll certainly turn head when you’re out and about so it’s not for everyone. If you’re considering buying a minimal bikini then read on below and find out everything you need to know.

What is a minimal bikini?

Depending on where you live you might be used to seeing the odd minimal bikini on the beach, or you might not. A minimal bikini usually involves much less fabric than your average swimsuit on both the top and the bottom. They often have only a small amount of coverage around the bust. Minimal bikini tops usually won’t include padding or much support so they aren’t a great choice for busty ladies. They usually involve only a small amount of fabric and substantially scaled-down coverage. In addition, the bottoms also have much less coverage and are often just tied on the side or barely strung together. At the back the straps of the minimal bikini are also made mostly with string in a ‘T’ shape.

In addition to much less fabric, a minimal bikini often includes the g-string style and will sometimes feature sheer fabric. The style can be very risqué, but if you pick the right cut and fabric it can look extremely high fashion.

Who can wear one?

Really anyone can wear any style they want but bustier girls will find this trend hard to pull off because it just won’t give them to coverage that they need to be comfortable on the beach. Those with a larger derriere or wider hips will also find this look difficult to manage because there is just no real coverage or support at all and you’ll no doubt feel a little bit exposed. Thinner and leaner women will look very high fashion wearing this style, but curvier women with an hourglass shape will also find higher cuts very flattering. Those who live in more conservative areas or in places where there are lots of little kids might find that they get a few sideways glances for this look. Some people may feel strongly that it’s too risqué of a look for public places and might be better kept poolside at a private residence. When it comes to this look know your audience.

Why wear one?

If you’re not a fan of very noticeable tan lines than this might be the look for you. A micro-style is a much easier, breezier look than a lot of highly structural full-coverage swimsuits and won’t leave you with unsightly tan lines where your swimsuit sits. This is also the perfect style for hot climates or if you like to get a little bit creative with the swimsuits that you wear.

Where to find them?

A lot of designers are catching onto the trend, so you’ll undoubtedly be able to find the style on the rack at a number of stores amongst your favourite brands. If you’re having trouble finding something that suits you consider looking online. You’ll find a huge range of styles available from online retailers. A great tip is to shop out of season, whilst the beach will be the last thing on your mind in winter, you’ll definitely find some great savings if you go looking, there’s no shortage of bargains to be found by savvy shoppers.