What’s on Offer at Preschool in Delahey?

What’s on Offer at Preschool in Delahey?

  06 Feb 2019

Copperfields preschool in Delahey Victoria Australia is a comprehensive early learning and development centre. It’s an exciting, high quality environment for 3 and 4 years olds to develop a wide range of fundamental knowledge, skills and abilities. With a strong focus on play-learning, these span the physical, social, and psychological aspects that will equip your child with the tools needed to successfully navigate the world.

A fun, nurturing, and supportive play environment has been carefully created for children at preschool in Delahey. The idea is help young children establish a sense of trust not only with carers at the centre but with the world. When a child feels secure and encouraged to explore, their creativity comes alive, and they can develop and master unique ways of interacting with the world.

Here are some of the awesome ways preschool in Delahey will benefit your child, and why…


  1. Plenty of play-based learning

Play-based learning is one of the most common practices in early educational centres. But what is ‘play’ exactly? Did you know there are 6 different types?

  • Pleasurable play – an enjoyable activity, sometimes met with challenges and frustrations.
  • Symbolic play – pretending, in order to be explorative. It’s characterised by ‘what if?’s carries specific meaning to the child.
  • Active play – lots of interaction with materials and/or other people, whether that’s physically (like throwing a ball), mentally (e.g. puzzles), or verbally.
  • Voluntary play – a self-chosen, spontaneous initiative, however others can be invited or prompted to join
  • Process play – has various means of expression without there necessarily being a goal to the activity. For example, freely making something with art and craft materials.
  • Self-motivating play – is considered a reward in itself to the player

In different ways, these help children make sense of their social world. These together form ‘play-based’ learning, which sits at the heart of preschool programs in Delahey. There have been many, many years of research on the integral role of play in children’s learning and development.


  1. A comfortable and interactive learning environment

The Copperfields centre provides the perfect environment for children to engage in play-based learning in the ‘real world’. They can engage in the environment at their preschool in Delahey in a fun and interactive way that facilitates a desire for discovery.

The environment is designed to be responsive to individual needs. There is a large variety of materials across the indoor and outdoor areas so that each child may develop their physical and psychosocial capacities in a way that is most suited to their unique disposition.

A comfortable and cooperative relationship with peers is also facilitated. Agreeable communication between children is encouraged.


  1. Innovative educational programs to help children transfer play to the real world

As aforementioned, preschool in Delahey aspires to help children develop essential approaches to the ‘real world’ from their play…

Experienced educators create an environment in which children are encouraged to learn basic concepts that will help them understand and navigate the world. Children may be encouraged to “play out” things they have seen and may come to encounter in the real world.


  1. Developing a wide range of abilities and skills

A wide range programs are lead at preschool in Delahey to cater to the equally wide range of abilities, attitudes and skills that will greatly benefit the child throughout life.

This includes fundamental physical development such as:

  • Bodily changes such as muscular growth
  • Coordination and dexterity
  • Gross motor skills – e.g. running, throwing, lifting, etc
  • Fine motor skills – e.g. grip
  • Bodily awareness – e.g. balancing


Programs also targets the 8 stages of psychosocial development:


  1. Working together with families

Preschool in Delahey ensures they closely collaborate with families of the child, so that all parties can have an accurate picture of the child’s progress.This will help make for a smoother transition from home to school.