What’s Involved In A Demolition?

What’s Involved In A Demolition?

  09 Jan 2019

Demolition contractors in Sydney have been busy in the past few months and couple of years in the capital of New South Wales but what exactly does their job entail? Below we will look at how the process of bringing a building to the ground works and what needs to be done to carry it out in an effective way.

The process of taking a building down is called demolition or razing. The alternative to this practice is take a building apart piece by piece so that parts can be reused in the future on other buildings. Razing completely destroys the building and all parts of it.

For smaller building, demolition contractors in Sydney, the process of taking down the building is an easier process and is completed either manually or mechanically. Hydraulic machines, excavators and platforms are all used to take the building down. Larger buildings are taken down in much the same way, however wrecking balls are used sometimes too. These have been found to inefficient though and their use for taking down buildings is not as widely used as before. With advances in technology demolition contractors in Sydney now have newer tools to level a building such as silenced rock breakers which can cut through or break wood and steel.

hydraulic machine

Demolition contractors in Sydney may feel that a larger building should be taken down using the implosion technique. This is done using a controlled explosion. Explosives are placed around the building in a way so that it falls in on itself. Having done research on the building, project managers can ensure that any implosion will not affect the surrounding buildings, something especially important in urban areas. There are numerous risks to take into account when carrying out a controlled explosion. If cloud cover is low, sound waves may be trapped and instead of travelling upwards can go sideways and possibly break car and building windows. Flying debris is also a risk from a controlled implosion.

Demolition contractors in Sydney would have to prepare for months for this process too, making it less desirable. All items of value need to be stripped from the building before leveling it while partitions are taken down as is glass and insulation in some cases. After the demolition, the clean up work is even more time consuming as debris and building remains are removed from the site.

Before any manual razing can take place, demolition contractors in Sydney and mangers involved in the project need to carry out a number of reports and assessments of the building including removing any potentially hazardous material, getting permits from the local council as well as disconnecting the building from utility lines. This part of the process can be quite time consuming depending on the regulations of the city in question.

There are few separate steps demolition contractors in Sydney will use to bring a building to the ground. The first step is to undermine the building. This is done using excavators, which undermine the building in a way that it is taken down quickly and safely. In years gone by, wrecking balls have been used but these are now deemed to unsafe due to their unpredictability. The process becomes even more dangerous for taller buildings, and more precautions are put in place to ensure safety. Hoses are used to perform a wet demolition, so the dust doesn’t spread as much as the building comes down.

There are many aspects to the planning process of taking down a building, managers and everyone involved works together to ensure that safety is the main priority and no unwanted accidents occur.