Different Types of Neck Pain Treatments

Different Types of Neck Pain Treatments

  19 Apr 2022

Your neck is an essential part of your body that links the head to the spinal cord. The neck and back feature small bones known as vertebrae. These bones are stacked on each other creating a spinal column. The spinal column supports the head, protecting the spinal cord as well. It is essential to note that the spinal cord is the main structure linking the network of nerves in the body. Messages are transmitted through this network, conveying sensations to your brain.

The neck is made up of the seven uppermost bones in the spinal column known as the cervical vertebrae. Facet joints connect these bones. These joints allow for movement in your neck. Discs of cartilage are found between the vertebrae, acting as shock absorbers and providing spinal flexibility. In the case of a slipped disc, it means one of the discs has slightly slid out of position in the spine. Read on as we talk about various options for neck pain treatment.

When to seek neck pain treatment

As mentioned, when bones in the neck are tampered with, it experiences pain. The causes can vary depending on the activities that occur on or near the neck. Neck pain symptoms include stiffness, pain, tingling, and weakness or numbness. Some rare cases that cause neck pain are a fracture, tumor, infection, and inflammation like in the case of meningitis. The common symptoms may be the results of sleeping in an awkward position, underlying sickness, fall, or injury. When these issues carry on for more than a week, you can seek neck pain treatment from your doctor or other ways.

Types of neck pain treatment available

Many people would rather visit their doctor for a check-up and treatment of their neck. Other methods of neck pain treatment are available alongside the doctor’s therapy. You can try simple self-help treatments, which often clear up the pain in your neck. Your healthcare provider can also advise other treatments that will help with your recovery if the pain persists.

Physiotherapists, osteopaths, and chiropractors are specialists that deal with neck pain issues. Combining these therapies with home exercises will help heal your constant neck pain. It is essential to let qualified practitioners handle physical neck pain treatment sessions.

  • Manipulation

When you have a stiff neck, you will need manipulation to treat the pain. This kind of neck pain treatment involves using force to bring back normalcy to the bones joints in the neck. Manipulation is an uncomfortable treatment that only lasts a few minutes. Just make sure you explain to your healthcare provider all your symptoms to enable proper diagnosis and treatment.

  • Collars

You can get a specialized collar to support the neck for extreme health conditions.

  • The Alexander technique

It is a process that teaches bodily awareness to reduce undesirable muscle tension. Skilled personnel provides these teachings where you are advised on your standing and sitting posture and your movement patterns.

  • TENS machine

A transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) machine is a small battery-powered gadget that helps minimize pain in the body. It is an ideal gadget for managing neck pain as it produces a pleasing tingling sensation. The machine works by emitting low-voltage electrical stimulation on the painful area to interrupt the pain indicators from the nerves to the brain.

  • Acupuncture

Acupuncture as part of neck pain treatment works by inserting fine needles on any other part of the body. This technique works by interfering with pain signals to your brain and helping the release of endorphins, the natural painkillers.

You can try the above neck pain treatments for fast pain relief. Other therapies include having surgery, drug treatments, or anesthetic/ steroid injection. You can also try massaging the area or using heat or ice packs to reduce pain in your neck.