All You Need to Know About Divorce Lawyers in Sydney

All You Need to Know About Divorce Lawyers in Sydney

  04 May 2022

You need the help of consultants to help navigate through the process of divorce, and these consultants are called divorce lawyers in Sydney. Divorce occurs worldwide except in some countries that do not support the process. This article focuses on the causes and effects of divorce. Hence, this supports the need to go professional if by any means you are considering divorce. 

Causes Of Divorce 

There are different reasons people have decided to separate from their partners. Here are some quick statistics to show people’s reasons and the numbers behind these significant causes. 

  1. Extramarital affair – 27% 

The extramarital affair seems to be the primary reason many partners want to put an end to their relationship. Adultery or infidelity shows a high level of trust. By implication, the partner’s activities are not trusted any longer. 

  1. Domestic violence – 17%

In addition to being a crime under the law, domestic violence can be scary as it can lead to the loss of lives or body parts. For sentimental reasons, you may want to consider an abusive partner. However, talking to divorce lawyers in Sydney helps see clearly and make a better decision, lest the matter goes out of hand. 

  1. Midlife crisis – 13%

This reason is often psychological but can lead to some current lifestyles. Due to life challenges, some people think getting a divorce is essential for them at that stage. You should consult the service of an expert before you go ahead. 

  1. Addictions, e.g., gambling and alcoholism – 6% 

Addictions could lead to frustration and physical abuse. It has led to the separation of several couples. 

There could be other factors too that could lead to the separation of both couples. According to divorce lawyers in Sydney, about 31% of couples have separated due to other factors.


father getting the child custody of his daughter

There are adverse effects of divorce. According to divorce lawyers in Sydney, some of these effects on partners or children are; 

  • Academic 
  • Psychological 
  • Behavioral 

However, there are some effects on the bigger picture. Let us check the following examples and get a complete grasp. 

  1. Negative parent-child relationship 

One of the significant discussions during the process of divorce is with the children. You have to reach a consensus of their fate and the level of interaction you want with your partner. There are different compromises that can be reached in this stage to help the child. You do not have to deprive the children of their parent’s love; only consult your divorce lawyers in Sydney on how to achieve this. 

  1. Difficulty to maintain financial stability 

Financial stability always comes to the picture because there is no support from the other party. However, you can still get a tangible level of support from your partner after divorce. They can be obliged by the law to make a regular commitment to support the children. This will relieve your financial burden. 

  1. Socioeconomic and academic effects on children 

Since the divorce is between you and your partner, you can protect the socioeconomic and academic effects on the children. Divorce lawyers in Sydney are experts at this, and they can take you through the process without any hassle. 

The contribution of divorce lawyers in Sydney during a divorce process cannot be overemphasized. If you have to divorce, you should consult a good one.